Denver Set Building

Tel: 303 975 9935

My name is Erik Sleeuwenhoek, and I’ve been building sets for commercial photographers in the Denver Metro area for over ten years now.
My background is in photography, and after assisting photographers for many years I started building sets for them. This background allows me to approach any set construction project from a photographers perspective, taking into account different camera angles, lighting scenarios, framing, etc., as well as practical aspects like budgets, scheduling, and everything else that makes a shoot come together successfully.

If you have a shoot coming up, and need anything from a 4x4 foot tile surface, to a complete room set, or a prop, please contact me. I would love to discuss your project and give you an estimate.
Set Builder in Denver, Colorado; construction of scenic sets and props for photography and film. Set carpenter, model maker, carpentry and design.